Survive and establish your city

Being the Head Wizard of a settlement is not easy. Create a buzzing village and become a powerful enough wizard to defend it in this RPG inspired city builder!


About Arclands

Build Your RPG Village

  • Design and build your dream RPG village
  • Ensure a thriving economy and keep your citizens happy
  • Attract more citizens and grow your village to a mighty city

Defend Against Evil

  • Learn mighty spells and blast enemies away
  • Defend your settlement with many different traps and towers
  • Recruit a diverse set of Soldiers with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Explore the Arclands

  • Uncover rare resources and artefacts and bring them back home
  • Find inhabitants that want to join your village and recruit them
  • Explore three biomes with different treasure, enemies and secrets

Arclands Fan Art Contest

The Arclands Fan Art Contest is now over! Thank you so much for your submissions. I have uploaded all your works here, go check them out!

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Jon Keller
Stiftstraße 12a
64287 Darmstadt

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Jon Keller
Stiftstraße 12a
64287 Darmstadt

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Jon Keller from Darmstadt, Germany

Release date

Q1 2023


Windows, Mac, More TBA




Arclands is a game about creating a buzzing village and becoming a powerful enough wizard to defend it. Build a settlement, keep your citizens happy and explore the treacherous wilds in this RPG-lite city builder.


Being developed as a passion project, Arclands has been in development for the past two years. Currently I am developing Arclands in my spare time - I want to make Arclands the best game it could possible be though. For that to happen Arclands needs funding. Instead of working with a publisher i'd much rather turn directly to interested Players - That's why Arclands will be on Kickstarter from the 20th of October.


  • Create your own persistent character, level them up and learn mighty spells
  • Build your city and ensure a thriving economy
  • Attract more and more citizens and grow your village
  • Defend your settlement with your wizard, a diverse set of soldiers, traps, towers and artifacts
  • Explore the Arclands and bring home rare resources and magic artifacts
  • Meet other banished people, do their questline and recruit them
  • Even if your city falls: Rescue some followers and resources, get experience for how well you've done and try again